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  • The concept of fixing and flipping property has taken a new turn and nowadays, it is a lucrative way for investors to amass wealth and increase their personal net worth. Who knew buying that beautiful yacht would become easy after getting the hang of fixing......

  • Wholesaling is a great way to enter the world of real estate investing because you don’t need much capital to begin with. Real estate offers incredible wealth-building opportunities, but for many, it is difficult to get started in because of the huge capital investment required.......

  • Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part column.  pl. hyp·no·ses (-sz): An artificially induced altered state of consciousness. Real estate hypnosis is the artificial induction of believing the “rules” of real estate don’t change. That well-established principles of real estate must be followed......

  • Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part column. The first appeared Sept. 23. “You need money to make money”: This is the most powerful hypnotic lie for most investors. For most of my students this is the biggest barrier they need to break......

  • When speaking to the uninitiated about the innumerable benefits of investing in real estate, a common response I get is: “well, I don’t want to be running out to unclog a tenant’s toilet at 3am.” I wonder if they think that I want to? That......

  • Real Estate transactions have several participants seated at the closing table that are responsible for the success of the deal and that make a profit from the deal. If you were to sit down and figure the hours spent working on the project then divide......

  • It is well-nigh impossible to impossible to be a Real Estate Investor for any length of time without owning a house that sits vacant at some point- be it between tenants, or after a rehab and while you’re waiting for it to sell (in a......

  • I am a big believer in always seeking to learn from others with more knowledge and experience. Mentorship is probably one of the best ways to excel in the practical knowledge of just about anything. When it comes to learning how to invest in real......

  • Are you putting off a big decision or a big life change because you are afraid of what could happen? There is incredible power in defining and getting clear about the worst-case scenario, the nightmare that you’re too afraid to look square in the eyes.......

  • The opportunities to invest in Real Estate are nearly endless. I have previously invested in the development of a commercial building, residential developments, builder spec homes, builder model home sale/lease back, flips, new home builds and residential rentals. Most recently I’ve gone in a new......

Real Estate Investing Today

  • Neighborhood Intelligence
    Good intelligence about a neighborhood can be priceless – especially when you want to know what criminal activity has taken place.  The LexisNexis Community Crime Map is a free online resource that let’s you zero-in on a whole host of variables affecting your property (or the one you’re thinking about... Read more »
  • Worst Cities for Infrastructure
    What are the best 10 cities in America for infrastructure?  Leave it to the folks at to put pen to paper to find out.  They looked at the largest 150 metros across the country and rated them such items as; Percentage of roads in “good” or “fair” condition (who... Read more »
  • Understanding a Bitcoin Transaction
    We’ve had several posts about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and its potential to revolutionize real estate transactions.  Now that its hovering around 15k per dollar more people are talking about it. So how exactly does this virtual currency work?  The folks over at CBInsights recently put together this handy infographic to... Read more »
  • Mover Rate for Renters at Historic Low
    As we close out the year, the Census Bureau recently reported that the rate at which renters moved in 2017 was at a historic low of 21.7%, compared to 35.2% back in 1988.  However, they report that renters still moved at a higher rate than owners (21.7% versus 5.5%, respectively). “Although... Read more »
  • Number of Toilets Per Home Keeps Rising
    According to a recent study the by the National Association of Home builders, single-families built after the 1990’s have an average of 3.1 toilets, 2.6 showers and 2.3 bathtubs.  In addition (citing data from the Census Bureau) the share of single-families with at least 2 bathrooms is now hovering around... Read more »
  • Metros with the Fastest Growing Homeownership rates
    According to the Census Bureau, the U.S. homeownerhip rate was 63.9 in Q3 of 2017 – which is nearly points lower than before the housing crisis.  However, there are some areas of the country where homeownership is growing…but where and at what pace?  That’s question set out to discover... Read more »
  • ABODO’s National Rent Report for Decembe
    National apartment listing site ABODO recently reported that the median nationwide rent price increased slightly for December to $1,040 for a one-bedroom apartment, which is a 2.4% increase since the beginning of the year. The top three cities with the largest rent increases were: Newark, NJ (12.9%), Corpus Christi, TX (9.8%)... Read more »
  • Yardi: Multifamily Rents Fall 2nd Month in a Row
    According to the latest Yardi Matrix U.S. multifamily rents fell slightly for the second straight month, but they report that rates are stabilizing at moderate growth levels.  The average U.S. rent in November $1,358 (down $1).  However, year-over-year they increased 2.5%. The deceleration is largely caused by the wave of supply... Read more »
  • Outsmarting Jack Frost
    Outsmarting Jack Frost Are your Properties ready for Winter? By Christian Bryant Even though the current legislative climate for landlords in Oregon is very distracting, don’t let it keep you from protecting your property and preparing for winter. If they take the proper steps before winter comes, many landlords will avoid damage, unnecessary... Read more »
  • U.S. Construction Spending Up 2.9% From October
    The U.S. Census Bureau is reporting that total construction spending in October was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1.24 trillion, 1.4% above September’s revised number and 2.9% higher than October, 2016. Through October, construction spending amounted to $1.029 trillion, 4.1% more than the same period in 2016. Click... Read more »

Meck Times

  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: How do I choose good property management for my rentals? 
    Nasar. El-arabi A good property management has the potential to turn your rental property into one of your most valuable assets. But finding a good property management firm is not a cakewalk, and many property owners have found that the hard way. For starters, you need to know how many... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: How to go back to basics like Steve Jobs 
      Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of success at something? Have you ever been in a rut?  Have you ever felt like you’re not reaching your full potential? Apple, Inc was in such a predicament when in 1997 Steve Jobs took back over the company he had... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Sharpening your focus 
      I recently spent a full day masterminding with several other real estate investors. Individuals from Florida and Ohio were well represented in the room. A recurring theme was what I refer to as the “Bilbo Baggins phenomenon” – that little pat of butter being scraped across too much dry... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Lessons from an old school investor – part 3 
    Further yet along the trail, here are more of the top lessons I’ve learned from old school Real Estate Investors: Greg Pinneo – The 3 Pillars of Real Estate Greg Pinneo began investing during college, and for many decades since then he’s bought, built, remodeled, sold, and rented MANY properties,... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Lessons from an old investor – part 2 
    Continuing where we left off, here are more of the top lessons I’ve learned from old school Real Estate Investors, many of whom have been doing this longer than I’ve been alive: Jack Miller – Feasible Financing is the Key One of my favorite lessons from Jack is that feasible... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Lessons from an old investor – part 1 
    I began investing in 2003. I’ve been through rising markets (2003 – 2006 & 2013 – 2017) and a falling market (2007 – 2012).  And I’m certain we’ll face more real estate ups and downs in the near future. But real estate history has much more to teach than the lessons I’ve... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: How do I choose good property management? 
    Nasar. El-arabi A good property management has the potential to turn your rental property into one of your most valuable assets. But finding a good property management firm is not a cakewalk, and many property owners have found that the hard way. For starters, you need to know how many... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: 8 steps to getting out of debt – part 2 
    Part 2 of 2 4: Close any accounts once paid off.   Once you pay off a credit card don’t just leave it open. You should contact the issuer of the card and request that it be cancelled. You should only need to keep on card once all of them are... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: 8 steps to getting out of debt 
    Part 1 of 2 The recession is over for now and spending is going up. Interest rates may even begin to rise. According to a recent study Americans are carry $683 Billion in revolving credit card debt. That is no how much we charge but the outstanding balance that we... Read more »
  • INVESTORS’ CORNER: Start preparing now 
                We are now past the deadlines for the extensions on filing business and personal tax returns. This would be a good time to get an appointment on your tax preparer’s calendar to discuss tax-reduction strategies that you can still implement for this tax year. One of the questions you... Read more »